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Many may think that it sucks to work without payment, but we consider it our responsibility to give back our knowledge. Love empowers and because we love what we do and understand how important our knowledge is, we share it with you.

To get our help, you should have an organisation number, completed statutes and be an non-profit organisation.
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Tell us about your motivation of starting a non-profit organisation. What is your vision and mission with the organisation?
In Sweden there is no law governing how the statutes should be designed or what should be included. But there is a strong practice and tradition of what should be regulated. We read your statutes before we decide how we can help.

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The next step for you is to fill out the form below. If you need help with print materials or other components, skip the questions that concern your brand. However, if you need a corporate identity, we appreciate if you can fill in everything you can. We'll get back to you soon.

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